TOMS Refashion

I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE my TOMS. I have three pairs, but  I love them so much that I wear them a ton. Mine first two pairs have gotten really beaten up, but there are some great stories behind those tears in the fabric I tell ya. Again, I love wearing my TOMS so I didn’t want to throw them away. I found a TOMS refashion tutorial on Pinterest a long time ago (Original idea here!), but never really found the time or the courage to take on the task. Well, today I did!

I am not going to lie to you…this took awhile (over 3 HOURS!) and at times was very frustrating, but I think in the end I have extended the life of my oh-so-favorite TOMS. So worth it.

The original tutorial shows a lot of pictures and gives some helpful tips at the bottom, but I will tell you of how I went about doing it, and what I will do to make things easier when I refashion my second pair. My methodology is at the bottom of the post in case you could care less about what my TOMS looked like.

The before picture:First pair of TOMS

Sad little holes where my toes stick out!

Materials needed:Stuff

In hindsight, I would also include these:


During the frustrating craftiness:

Step 1 Step 2

I started to use pins to help hold the fabric in place because it kept moving around when I did not want it to!

Step 3 Step ...

Remember here people, there are not one, but TWO shoes you have to do this for. I am pretty sure at this point in the refashion I had wished I had planned this out a bit better…


La la! The (almost) finished product!


[I say *almost* because I think I may do what the tutorial suggested and use some thin piping or ribbon to help cover a few of the seams. Also, I may use some fabric paint or nail polish to paint the brown elastic triangle that peeks through the fabric, just to make it look more uniform. I may edit this post later.]

Alright, enough of the pretty pics, and on to business. I used a light canvas fabric, which I thought was a great choice, I did have some fraying issues though. Partially because of the fabric, partially due to my terrible cutting skills.

1) Gather all of your supplies. (Seems like a no brainer, but I cannot tell you how many times I have started a craft or recipe without doing that and then being REALLY sorry.) You will need:

  • Old TOMS
  • 1/2 yard of New pretty fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric glue (the permanent kind)
  • Pins
  • Wet cloth or paper towel (trust me!)

If you plan on wanting to be able to wash your refashioned TOMS later, you will want to pre-wash your new pretty fabric beforehand. Also, the glue gets super sticky and messy, but then again I was going at it Kindergarten style rubbing it around with my fingers. You may want to use a small paint brush instead. {P.S. The order below is not how the pictures are ordered, I did however use it with the second shoe and things went much more smoothly.}

2) Cut your fabric into 4 large sections. Most likely you will not use an entire 1/2 yard of fabric, honestly I used about half of that, so only make these sections as large as the sectioned off parts of the shoe itself. (Sections: #1 Tip of toe, #2 Top of foot, #3 Around foot, #4 Small heel section)

3) Pin and then glue on Section #3 first, then #4. Again, it might be easier to use a brush to do this instead of your glue tip and finger. Pinning a section and gluing part of it, then doing the other side seemed to help me a lot.

4) Pin and glue Section #2, then do #1 (the toe). This order helps in case your measuring got a bit off, and you can cover up any gaps.


  • Using a razor cutter might help the fabric look a bit neater, or measuring out everything pinning it in place, then marking to trim off unneeded material. I measured, pinned, and re-cut the fabric on the second shoe and it turned out much neater. 
  • I also found that trying on the shoe while pinning especially the toe and top of the foot made it much easier.
  • I folded a small amount of fabric over the tops of the shoe, took away the raw looking fabric edges.

Phew! Hopefully you too can refashion your beloved TOMS! Let me know if you do your own or have any tips you would like to share!


  1. Karen Fortner says:

    Love the TOMS! You did an awesome job-so cute! I love the way you talk about your Mother-in-Law too! LOL! You’re a sweet chick! Hope you and Tyler can come visit us soon!

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