New Year Resolutions?

So I don’t like to call them “resolutions”, but I made some goals for 2013. I feel like if I call it a resolution it is bound and determined from the beginning to fail. So I like goals, because I think I have made many of mine plenty obtainable this year. Also, I really like lists, but not as much as I enjoy checking things off the list, which I plan of doing to my “New Year Resolutions”. I am already off to a great start!

Goals for 2013

– Memorize the book of Philippians
– Read 25 books, 300 pages a piece
– Be able to run 15 non-stop miles
– Complete at least 20 Pinterest crafts
– Finish the baseball puzzle with Tyler
– Work out with friends
– Organize all the gift wrap
– Call someone I love on the phone at least once a week and talk for at least ten minutes
– Watch 8 documentaries
– Learn how to knit/crochet

On New Years Eve, my great friend Whitney and I. Our community group had a breakfast/pajama New Years Eve party, the best idea ever.

Whit and I

What are some of your resolutions or goals?

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