Holiday Family Pictures

The holidays always lend to a convenient time to snap some photos with the people that you love. Since Tyler and I have been living in Kentucky with our families across the country, holidays prove to great opportunities to update family pictures.

We were fortunate to be able to spend a few days with both of our immediate families for the past three married Christmases. This past December, the festivities began at my parent’s house in Kansas City, and then to Tyler’s brother house on the other side of the city. At my parent’s house, we had a great time chatting, opening gifts (of course!) and then a mini photo shoot of sorts…well as close as the Rodgers family has gotten to a photo shoot ever. My Dad has a great camera, unlike his previous one but that deserves a post by itself. He got it hooked up to the tripod in the dining room and set the timer. The first few were great! Lots of sweet smiles and such. Exhibit A:


Then something great happened! None of us really knew how much fun and how hard we would laugh with this new element.

The Mustache.


Needless to say, we had a great time!



After a day or so more, we headed to Tyler’s older brother’s house. Tabron lives about 40 minutes away with Sabot his beautiful white German Shepherd. I always love to see Tyler’s family, I have missed them so much since we moved to Louisville, particularly Tyler’s mom, we have the best times together! To end our great few days of holiday celebration bliss, there was a scheduled photo session. It looked beautiful outside, but unfortunately for us it was 23 degrees outside. BRRRRRR! But no matter, we are all beautiful people, so despite the wind and cold we made some great photos!

FAMSiblingsTyler and Andrea

Great memories captured!

Anyone else have some interesting family photo sessions?

Christmas in November?

Too Soon?

I don’t think so! Tyler and I decorated for Christmas tonight! I have several good reasons for decorating twelve days before it is culturally acceptable to do so by most Americans (aka: Thanksgiving or the day after). 1) Christmas is my favorite holiday and season of the year! 2) We most likely will not be having company for Thanksgiving so no one will mind the decor. 3) My husband is working a lot lately and we actually found enough time to decorate together. This was really important to me, so we took advantage of the opportunity. 4) We will be leaving to visit family before Christmas and we wanted to get the most out of our time with the joyful decor!

I do not care if someone judges me for my early Christmas decor! I love Christmas and want to enjoy it now!