Christmas in November?

Too Soon?

I don’t think so! Tyler and I decorated for Christmas tonight! I have several good reasons for decorating twelve days before it is culturally acceptable to do so by most Americans (aka: Thanksgiving or the day after). 1) Christmas is my favorite holiday and season of the year! 2) We most likely will not be having company for Thanksgiving so no one will mind the decor. 3) My husband is working a lot lately and we actually found enough time to decorate together. This was really important to me, so we took advantage of the opportunity. 4) We will be leaving to visit family before Christmas and we wanted to get the most out of our time with the joyful decor!

I do not care if someone judges me for my early Christmas decor! I love Christmas and want to enjoy it now!

Veteran’s Day Reflections

As a history major in college and an United States history teacher, I am naturally very patriotic. I reflect on the history of the struggle for freedom our great country has in the last 250 years and I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for the upstanding men and women who have protected and fought for the liberty I experience today. I also honor those closest to my heart who served this great nation: My Papa, James Thomas Rodgers Sr.,  served in the National Guard and was on call during the Bay of Pigs in 1961. My great grandfather, James Hisle Rodgers, was in the U.S. Army and served during WWII. My husband’s grandfathers on both his mom’s and dad’s side both served in the U.S. Army, thanks Pops and Papa. Of course my awesome brother-in-law, Tabron Holloway who recently served in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. So overwhelmingly thankful for their service!

But why was November 11 set aside for the holiday, and how has its meaning changed over time? A National Geographic News Article does a really great job reteaching the history of this special day.

First Blog Post EVER

This is my first blog post ever! I read a lot of different types of blogs each day, but never really considering blogging myself until my husband started to really get into posting on his blog a few weeks ago. I do not necessarily believe that what I have to say or my life experiences are super exciting…but sometimes I think they are! I think blogging will be fun and a good way for my friends and family in Texas and Kansas to stay “in the know” about me and my family. I am excited about this new blogging journey:)